Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tina went missing

What was the last thing I said to you yesterday?  Well, it was "it's none of my business".  But that ain't what I'm talking about.  I mean the next to last words where I said "maybe you should give Tina a ride".  Girl, what is wrong with you?  Do you know how mad her momma is NOW?!?  Tina is MISSING!  The guards at the prison said that she texted YOU right before they unlocked the gates to set her free and that she seemed real sure that YOU was gonna come and pick her up.  Now she's missing and they found her cell phone on the side of the road and the last thing entered into the cell phone was that text to YOU. Tina's Mom thinks you might have kidnapped her!  She kept yellin about how she KNOWS you picked Tina up from death row cause there ain't no way YOU would deny her daughter bail AND a ride.  I just told her that I ain't talked to you and that my computer is broken, just so you know.  I ain't never felt so lucky about having my car repossessed.  Now I  just take MUNI and I never have to drive people home from death row.  Anyway they say there ain't no other clues about Tina's disappearance and possible murder.  The cops are worried because the area up by the prison ain't really that safe.  Most of the cops in that area work IN the prison and there ain't many watchin the streets.  So there's a chance it's like a serial killer or a snuff film maker.  Poor Tina.  You're supposed to have FUN when you come off death row.  It's just like her.   Oh girl, another DAY! you know?  It don't stop.  Anyway, i know the other day I said that like maybe they SHOULD gas Tina or whatever, but that is a whole different thing from her gettin murdered and left for dead up by death row.  Cause that's not right.  But if she IS still alive I think I might try to have a party or something where you could come and make up some big lie to tell Tina's Mom so she ain't mad at you no more.  Some big lie about how you couldn't help her daughter out when she was on death row.  I'll help you out with it ...but girl you KNOW you owe me one.  Speakin of which Shaky stopped over here before with that good potato casserole.  He needs to enter that shit into a recipe contest if he didn't already get the recipe from a recipe contest.  That shit is so good.  Anyway, I'll let you know if they find Tina's body.  And if she's alive I'll let you know about the party.

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