Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Do NOT tell Shirley!

Well, I KNOW I don't have to tell you how much Tina is on my nerves right now doin nothin but talkin about that missing baby!!  You are so lucky that Tina ain't talkin to you cause if she WAS talking to you she'd be talkin about that missing baby.  She say she 85% sure that it wasn't my fault.  SHE'S IN THE BATHROOM,  snortin up Danilynns college tuition and she wants to say there's a 10 % chance that it's MY fault.  Ain't that just like Tina?  She don't stop.

Before I forget to tell you, I need to tell you, that Julie actually DID end up cuttin that Kanye West cold sore off her lip with a paring knife and now she's trying to sell it on EBAY.  I stopped over her house to get some weed for 
Tina (I pinched a little so I'll smoke you out tomorrow) and you know that coffee table in Julie's house where she always weighs out the weed in front of you? Girl, she had that cold sore sittin right on a little plate on the table.  Ain't that the nastiest shit?  Who gonna buy that?  And now that she cut it off her face it don't even look like Kanye no more.  It just looks like a scab.  On a plate.  With some Glad Wrap covering it. Which reminds me that I
 told Tina what you said about that money for the extensions.  And she
 said she don't owe you no money and if that if you want to get technical about it then Nancy should give you the money.  But you should look up Julie's nasty scab on EBAY.  She wants a minimum of $28.  I guess there's all kinds of people in this world, it don't stop. 

But anyway, me and Tina stopped out for one tonight after we finished looking for her baby and after about three drinks and four trips to the bathroom..(she still "ain't got none" by the way,) Tina told me, (DO NOT REPEAT THIS TO SHIRLEY)  that she want to see what it's like to eat pussy.  And they are HER words and NOT mine.  I swear.  But I'm sure that don't shock you because even though we'd swore we'd never bring it up, we all remember that night at... well, we all made a promise not to bring it up and I keep my word and you know that's how I am. If I put my WORD on somethin then it's written in stone and not ash.  But if she want to start puttin her face in some bitches pussy to get some better coke well good for her.  I just hope her braces don't get in the way and no one gets hurt.  Now she can go down on ANYONE for ANYTHING.  Not that she's gonna share any of it, but that's just the way Tina is.  

Damn girl, I'm ramblin.  I gotta go cause me and Tina are supposed to look for the baby in the morning after we go to breakfast.   She be pissed if I'm late.

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