Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Did you change your email address?

Girl I asked you this before and now I ask you again... what is wrong with you?  I been writin you all week tellin you how Tina been on death row and how she almost been executed and how she been missin and how that  baby of hers didnt have no momma AND how she still got that lewd conduct charge still against her and you STILL ain't writin or textin or nothin!  Maybe you changed your email or somethin but I hope not cause Tina and her Mom be pissed if all this shit bout Tina  was going to some stranger with your old email address!  And that is NOT somethin I need to be dealin with right now.  Well, since Tina didnt call me from her moms sayin that you called her at her moms after I called you at your moms and left you that message, then I guess you still ain't talked to her.  Right?  Well even though it ain't my business ...
Bibbie fired Tina from the nail salon.  She had to!  It's just like Tina.  I guess that when Tina was on death row she got in  some shit with this bitch named Stew in the cell next to Tina's.  I think Tina had her TV on too loud or something and it was real late, but Stew in the other cell yelled like "Hey Tina.... you need to turn down that fuckin TV".  And you know Tina don't like to be yelled at.  So Tina started screaming at Stew and saying that if she ever got off death row she would come back and kill her.  And that was just on her first night!  Poor Tina.  She never has luck with next door neighbors.
  Which reminds me, I let (J) become my BACKdoor neighbor last night,if you know what I mean,  so now if THAT BITCH is reading this right now all I got to say is "MY ASS!"...and that ain't my ass in the picture cause I aint even gonna have my ass all over the internet.  But anyway, Tina was workin at Bibbie's today doin nails and she seen Stew's sister come in!  But YOU KNOW Tina ain't never seen Stew's sister, and Tina actually only seen Stew ONE time through the meal tray slot in the death row cell door, but you know how Tina get and she had it in her head that this woman comin in to get her nails done was  Stew's sister, if not her TWIN!.!  That's what she said.  HER TWIN!  I told you she been smokin a lot of weed.  Well, you know how at Bibbie's every Monday is all no appointment/first come, first served, givin back to the neighborhood shit? Well, Tina seen Stew's sister come in and told Bibbie and Casey that it was her friend and she wanted to do her nails. And you know how at Bibbie's  they got that real nice soak she do for 10 minutes before she start?  Well, Tina switched out the Bibbie soak and soaked that bitches hand in acid!  Or maybe it was some of that cheap ass fabric she told me about.  All I KNOW is Tina burned off the bitches nails AND her fingerprints. AND she made her cry.  But she never let on like she MEANT to do it, except to Shirley who told Mary who told me but don't tell her I told you.   Everybody else think it was an accident.  But Bibbie still had to fire her cause she said something like that could give her place a bad reputation.  And I guess she got a point.  But Mary said that the lady that Tina burned is  Russian and that Stew is white so it's impossible for them to be identical twins.   Julie called me earlier and said she seen Tina comin out of Domino's and goin into the bar.  And I told Julie that whatever Tina do ain't my business.

I don't care if she eats pizza and drinks Red Bull Bombers ALL DAY the way she likes to.  I ain't Tina's keeper.    Which reminds me, did you get that email I forwarded from Tina's Mom?  She made me send it, even though I told her that you dropped your computer in the bathtub.  That kinda shit gimme nightmares, she need to let up on her Jesus some.  And yes I did forget to tell you....about that NAKED JESUS video on You Tube?  Did you hear about it?  Girl, I think of YOU everytime I watch it and when you see it you will KNOW why!!!!  That's too much.  Well, I'll let you know tomorrow if Tina's gonna go through with puttin Danilynn up for adoption. Did I tell you about that?  Oh yea, I forgot.  Tina said she either gonna put her baby up for adoption or abandon her on the steps of City Hall or something. I'll let you know, if I ain't busy.  I might have plans.

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