Saturday, February 7, 2009


So me and Tina was down at Fortune's place to see how she doin wit her pregnancy and we was watchin TV and we seen that thing on the TV bout how MAD everyone in America and some of England is at that bitch that had them 8 octuptlet babies since she already got 6  sextuplet babies and she ain't got no job AND she live in her parents attic.  And Fortune say how she can't even imagine havin ONE baby and that if SHE end up havin 8 babies that she probly sell some of them or put some up for adoption.  And right as Fortune saying that, Tina butt in and start yellin at Fortune and sayin that SHE could bring up 8 babies wit no problem and she wouldnt even need no help from no one!  Fortune spit out her drink when she hear that!  I just picture Tina wit 8 baby strollers goin into the bar and then ME havin to count up 8 baby strollers when we leave.  She don't stop.