Saturday, January 16, 2010


Girl, you remember that one time we went to the Janet Jackson concert with Tina and the WHOLE TIME Tina keep yelling out "Control!...PLAY CONTROL!" and she don't stop yelling it and no matter what song come on next Tina keep yelling it and the WHOLE TIME she do the Control dance even when Janet was singing "Let's Wait Awhile"? Do you remember how much everybody hate us just cause we standing with Tina? (And I KNOW you do remember cause that's the night YOU pissed your jeans in the parking lot and said it was MY fault.) Anyway, everybody hatin us, tellin Tina to shut the fuck up or they gonna throw beer on her and THEN they throw beer on her and THEN Tina kicked that bitch in her knee and put her down... that night did not stop at all. I ain't been to a concert with Tina since. So it don't make no sense why I called Tina and ask her to go see Avatar with me. Girl, I won 2 free tickets off the radio... 10th caller, hey!...

So me and T are there and right away, even before the lights was turned down, Tina start
yelling about how "big the motherfuckin screen is" and she talkin to EVERYONE around her and she say "you ever seen a screen that big? I AIN'T NEVER SEEN A SCREEN THAT BIG. THAT MOTHERFUCKER GO FLOOR TO THE ROOF!!!!!!!" And I could TELL that not one person around her WANT her to be talking to them and I could tell by the looks on their faces how they KNOW this bitch gonna be loud and ruin their Avatar experience, and them bitches
were not wrong.

So the lights go down and Tina shut up and she start shushin
other people to be quiet (cause she got nerve) and then someone shushed her back and YOU KNOW that Tina ain't even gonna let someone have the last shush so she let out a low "Uhhh Uhhhh" to send them a little warnin. Well I ain't even got to tell you that as soon as that movie start and as soon as that first dude's head pop out of the screen, Tina start standin up and clappin like she at a Chippendale show. She reachin her hands out to the screen and rubbin the dude's face, and poking his eyes and then she pucker up her lips like she kissing him. And everytime she do something she yell "Look girl, I can kiss his lips. Look girl, I can pick his nose." So I just grabbed her and pulled her to her seat and that bitch wasn't down for 45 seconds and she start yelling "Damn Girl, that shit floatin out the screen like that demon that fly out of my TV and go in my bedroom! That just what it looked
like." That's when the people start shushing her again and saying shit about how they pay $15 to see the movie and shut the fuck up. I just told Tina that I was going to get some popcorn and I didn't go back. I end up sittin in the back row on the aisle so I could have some peace. Tina didn't make it too far into the movie before they tell her she got to leave. And I ain't even gonna get into the fit she threw when they told her to go. Mmmmmm.