Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dick Face

Well, day 2 of Tina still havin her mouth tied shut and I gotta tell you I ain't ever enjoyed being her friend more.  It's so much better when she can't complain about faggots or go on about how she think that sometimes Shakey's just using her.  That just tire me out.  They took her bandages off today to put on fresh ones and I dont know what the fuck Showcase talking about with internal injuries cause Tina got a scar on her face the size and shape of Johnny Case's dick.  That shit starts at her mouth and wraps right around the back of her head. And I ain't saying that Tina was suckin Johnny Cases dick when she hit that pot hole and then hit her head on the roof and then on the steering wheel, I'm just sayin that after the bandages came off she look like she had a indentation of Johnny Case's dick on her face.  And when Tina drink her dinner through a straw and sucks her cheeks in the dick do a little dance on her face.  It's cute!  I TOLD HER that you promised to be at her apartment on Saturday to be at her welcome home party and you'd bring them steaks we talked about before.  Just make sure you don't make any Mummy jokes...she dont think they funny.

Only five days til I leave for the inauguration.  Do you think I should book a hotel room 
now or wait til I get there?  Let me know.  I wanna get somethin real close to the Washington monument.  I'll tell you on Saturday if you can have the extra ticket. And if I DO ask you to go, don't tell Tina.  I told her I got robbed and someone stole one of the tickets.