Saturday, February 21, 2009

She Don't Stop

Well I woulda written to you sooner if SOMEHOW my computer didn't just disappear last Thursday and SOMEHOW just reappear last night when Tina come over and I was in the bathroom.  I ain't EVEN kidding.  All I been doin all week is bitchin to Tina bout how my computer get stolen at that goin away party I had for you and then she think I ain't even gonna notice when it just all the sudden back on my desk when I come out from doing a piss?  I come out the bathroom and I see my computer and I look at Tina and I say "How the fuck my computer get back in here?!"  And Tina just say "What?", like she don't even know what the  fuck I'm talkin about.  And I say "Teen...Where the fuck my computer come from?"  And she start YELLIN at me bout how it been there the whole time she been there and that she think I'm crazy.  But I KNOW that her shady friend that she been fuckin took it during that party cause he the only shady person AT that party except for Crystal but she don't even know how to USE a computer.  I just dropped it and ONCE AGAIN did not call her ass out for bein a thief.  I'm just glad I got my computer back, even if it do have Tina's name carved into it.