Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christinamas

Girl, do you remember that time that me and you and Casey and Tina was in that big park and Tina threw her lit cigarette into that pile of dead leaves and we TOLD HER that she could burn down the park by doin that and then the park burned down and WE TOLD HER that we told her so but she just gave us the finger?  Well you'd THINK that she'd learn her lesson but she don't never stop not learning her lesson.  Cause the other night I was walkin home with Tina after we finished shoppin and shopliftin at Macys and Tina threw her cigarette down on the ground without stompin it out and like a SECOND later this skinny little, ugly little, high voiced, little, ugly....i said ugly twice cause, well, you know she was ugly,  this ugly bitch come up to Tina and get in her face POINTIN that cigarette at Tina and start yellin at Tina how she dont need to be throwin her lit cigarettes on the ground cause that might make all of San Francisco burn down.  She all Drama and shit.   And Tina start to yell "SHOW AND TELL BITCH"  but then she realized that the bitch WAS showin and tellin with that lit cigarette in her face so Tina just grab the cigarette and and put it out on that bitches forehead!!!  It was nasty!  Tina started puttin the cigarette out on the bitches head and switched from "Show and Tell Bitch" to "Hide and Seek Bitch", which is what that bitch did.  She hid.  But I THINK that Tina learned a lesson from that cause today we was out doin our last minute Christmas shoplifting and right before we went into this store Tina took her cigarette and put it into one of them red Salvation Army buckets that they got outside the store to collect donations.  She thought it was a ashtray!!!  She dont know.  She just tryin to have arson awareness but she ended up settin the bucket and all the money on fire.  We ran as fast as we could down to the bar.  It don't stop. 

ANYWAY...Tina got you somethin for Christmas and I don't know if you got HER anything so I'm just sayin that if you DIDNT get her anything then you should just not answer your phone if she calls you today and then go to Walgreens on Friday and get her a Whitmans Sampler or something cause she spent about $9 on your present, which I already know ain't gonna fit you.  (It's a shirt).  Anyway, I need to go to bed cause I'm goin to Mary's for her Christmas Mimosa breakfast and I don't want to be all tired.  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!