Monday, December 29, 2008

I ALMOST made $10 tonight!

You know how yesterday I sent you a picture of that bitch who threw a penny at my head?  WELL, I think someone might have seen that on the internet or something somewhere, but me and Tina was out at the old Albion tonight and this tall, pale bitch lookin like Paris Hilton with no makeup and no money and 40 pounds come up to ME, wavin a dollar bill in my face and say somethin about how if I think a coin hurt when it hit my head then I should feel what it's like to have a TEN DOLLAR BILL shoved up my ASS!!!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW this bitch.  And right away Tina look at the bitch and Tina say "YOU ain't even GOT NO ten dollar bill!  Show and tell, bitch!  Show and tell!"  She don't stop, she just say it.  But it's true cause that bitch was wavin a ONE dollar bill at me.  I'm just sayin that she was a friend of that bitch who threw a penny at my head and she all yellin how I need to take that bitches picture off of the internet cause they seen it on there.  Why you think people can read my e mails to you?  ANYWAY, This bitches friend startin to get loud, so Tina do what she always do when bitches are startin and she grab her beer bottle real tight with all 6 of her fingers.  AND YOU KNOW that her 6th finger really make her hand look big!  Her hand don't stop!  That bitches friend dropped her dollar on the ground and ran back to givin blow jobs behind the pool stick rack.  Even Tina thought THAT was nasty.