Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is the bitch!

THIS is a picture of that bitch who threw a penny at my head that night at the bar.  I ain't sayin that you should be lookin out for her or throwin nickels or quarters at her head, I'm just sayin that THIS is the bitch.  And she probly dont even KNOW how much it hurt when someone throw a coin at your head when they all drunk.  And I AINT saying that she need to find out, I AINT askin no one to use her as target practice when she just tryin to have a good time at the bar, I'm just saying that this is the bitch.  And the bitch is lucky that Tina wont at the bar that night cause YOU KNOW Tina woulda fucked up that bitches smile.  


IF I TELL YOU NOT to tell then I KNOW that I can trust you NOT to tell especially if tellin would mean that Tina would beat the shit out of me.  Cause she would.  And she has.  But I'M JUST SAYIN that you cannot "show and tell."  This just between me and you and I wouldnt  even be tellin you this right now if Fortune didn't give me that painkiller right before we drank them Hypnotiqs when we was at the bus stop waitin for the N Judah.   Anyway, You know how Tina's apartment always smell like "a extra fresh day".  You know what I mean?  Sometimes her apartment smell like Masingail's. AND I AINT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS SO.  I remember we was over there with Julie one time and she said right out loud, "It smell like douche in here".   And I ain't saying that's BAD but her place just got this really nice, clean smell that's OBVIOUSLY coverin up some nasty stench. Just like Masingail's.  Me  and Showcase was even talkin about that the other night when she wasn't throwing up and she told me that Shakey caught Tina up at the laundromat taking out all of the used dryer sheets from out of the dryers and stuffin them in her pocket.   And you know how Shakey think he all what the ladies want and how he all platinum card even though you lucky if he got $12 in his pocket?  And you know how Tina will fuck Shakey any time she see him? Well, they ended up back at Tina's place and Shakey said that Tina's place was a mess but she taped them used dryer sheets to the back of her fan and then turned on the fan so all the scent from the sheets would get sucked out and spread around her apartment.  She don't even know you supposed to use NEW ones when you do that.  That's why her place smell like Masingail's.