Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tina's mom think Tina join a cult

Well... last night Tina's mom seen that CNN documentary about that Jonestown thing from in the 70s and NOW Tina's mom think Tina in a cult.  That's why I always say I'm sick of the TV!  Cause Tina's mom always watchin it and think she got some new disease or that her daughter joined a cult.  Someone need to get up on her roof and disconnect her Dish Network.  I bet Shakey would do it. You know he would!   But Mary called me tonight and said Tina's mom been calling her ALL DAY  and shoutin about Kool Aid and chickens!  I know Tina ain't joined no cult cause she ain't got enough money OR skills. Unless she joined a sex cult where she just gotta give up her pussy and suck dick to get free rent.  I don't even know if  there is that kind of cult  but if there is YOU KNOW  that's who got Tina.  I mean, if she's dead right now and layin in a ditch, well I swear to God I AM SORRY..  But everybody know Tina liked to suck dick. I told you that's how she got her sofa, right?   God rest her soul if she's dead and God bless her if there's been a miracle.  Anyway, if Tina IS in a cult, I hope they made her shave her head and eat her extensions cause you know what I thought...I mean THINK...cause we need to be positive... about them extensions.  Which reminds me that i gotta call Reenee about my hair for the Inaguration Party I'm going to in Washington D.C. I already got my tickets and I was SUPPOSED to go with Tina but who knows now.  I don't even know if people that were on death row are allowed to go to an inaguration.  It dont never stop. Hold on....

 I KNEW IT!  All that stuff about the cult was a false alarm cause Shirley just called me and said she seen Tina working at Bibbie's Nail Place on Divis.  That Bibbie is so nice.   Hardly even know Tina and give her a job right off death row.  Giving back to the neighborhood.
  Tina need to call her momma and let her know she ain't in no cult or dead.  Well that's good that Tina ain't dead or tied up cause I'm gonna stab someone if I don't get a good nights sleep.  

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