Monday, February 2, 2009

Tina Get Horny

Girl, don't this just wipe your ass?  So after you left my Super Bowl party last night after the first 8 minutes cause you SAY you gotta pick up your Aunt at the airport, Tina finally show up after she get released from the hospital and she come in with some dude she hook up with in the emergency room!!  Did you already hear?  Tina was up in her hospital bed on the 5th floor at 3 A.M. Sunday morning and that bitch wake up all horny so she go down and start cruising the E.R!!  She don't stop.  She say she wake up around 2 and make some cocktails with that bottle of Smirnoff that Showcase give her as a forgiveness present for puttin her in the hospital and then the vodka got her all horny so she go to the E.R. cause she knew it would be busy and she could find some action behind a curtain. Tina end up doin it with some dude waitin for a doctor to sew up his stab wounds.  

Anyway, Tina bring this dude over after he get sewn up and she get released and YOU KNOW my rule about Tina bringing dudes to my place.... she can't bring no dude to MY house unless she know HIS address.  Cause if he rip me off in MY house, I will send SOMEONE to his house to get my shit back.  And I have done it!  But she try to bring this emergency room gigolo in MY house and I say to Tina that I KNOW his address ain't the emergency room even though he look like it could be.  I'm just sayin that I could probly mail him a letter TO the emergency room and he would get it pretty fast, but he don't store his shit there.  So she BEGGIN me to let him in and I SAID NO like 7 times and I told her that when she fuck him at HIS house then he can come back.   I still ain't heard from her.