Tuesday, December 23, 2008

There are people that are on my nerves, then there's Tina.

You know how Tina always get them candy bar cravings and we all gotta stop what we're doin and walk to the corner store with her? Well the other day me and Tina was out at Mary's and Tina said she wanted a Almond Joy.  She REALLY wanted one. Like "I am the only bitch who ever had her period" wanted one. You know how she get.   But you know how Mary dont have a corner store?  It's like a 3 block store.  Three LONG blocks.  That's WHY when you go to Mary's, you stop at the store first, THEN you go to Mary's.   Whenever I go there I make sure I got a flask, Fritos and two packs of cigarettes. 

But the other day I was over with Tina at Mary's and Tina say she need a Almond Joy. She always so specific with her candy bars.  So she make ME walk to the store with her and the whole way there she still goin on about that baby being missing.  THAT'S why I didn't want to go to the store with her.  Cause I KNEW she would. But I had to go cause you know how Tina get if you don't go to the store with her.   So Tina got a Almond Joy and a Yoohoo and when she unwrap the Almond Joy, one of the halves didn't have no almond in it.  It was like one Mound and one Almond Joy. And she freaked.  I know you probabl
y heard.  She went off!  She called the guy at the store a thief, a con, a faggot and a cocksucker.
 And I TOLD her that it was rebundant to call a dude a cocksucker AND a faggot but that girl cannot control her mouth.   And now I don't think we're gonna be allowed back in that store cause I KNOW they got footage of Tina goin off and probably have her picture hangin up behind the counter now.  So now the closest store to Mary's is like 5 blocks away!!  I ain't hangin out at Mary's no more.   I go to Mary's house to chill but I can't chill if Tina keep making me walk to the store.  And that pisses me off cause Mary always has really good weed and a lot of good shows on her TIVO.

Anyway, Tina ended up findin her baby that night after we was at Mary's.  I'm glad that's over, and now Tina can shut the fuck up about it.  I'm just sayin it's good that the baby is safe.  Cause I TOLD Tina that the return rate on babies is about 8%.  You know, just so she wouldnt get her hopes up.  But the police called her and said that the baby was down at the MUNI lost and found.  So me and Tina went down there and there was one section where it was like lost  sweaters and jackets, and then there was the other section with the lost babies.  So first Tina made us stop at the clothes and she did her old lost and found thing and got a real nice black
 Old Navy coat.  Then we went to the Baby lost and found and they had the baby there.  They said it was the only one they had all week.  But that's just like Tina.  The cops said they have footage of some guy pushin the baby onto MUNI at Church and Market but their aint no clear view of his face.  Sounds shady.  Anyway, they gave the baby back to Tina but she gotta go to parenting classes now.  Tina said she gonna ask Shirley if she'll go for her. 

And that coat Tina got at the lost and found gave her scabbies.  It is nasty!  And SHE askin ME to put the cream on her back.  And you know I aint touchin no scabbies.  I did my time.  And that shit don't never stop.  I gotta go.  I promised Tina's mom I'd make my marshmallow sweet potatoes.  I need to get to the Safeway early.

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