Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who the Fuck Dani?

I DO NOT KNOW who the fuck this nasty ass bitch Dani is who keep leavin them nasty ass comments in that last email bout how she gonna CUT UP my friends but I WILL let her know that if she don't stop then she WILL stop.  And YOU KNOW that shit is serious.  She say she gonna CUT Tina and I can tell by her tone that this bitch use a BIG knife.  And it is there in print and when we take her ass into court we will have it in print and then we convince the jury how SAD it is that this bitch would say she gonna cut up a bitch that in the hospital.  I'm just sayin, she probly spit on your Grandmom and not even feel bad about it!  I think I need one of them anti-virus things in my computer so bitches like that can't hack into my emails.