Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Old Rust Cocktails

Well Tina finally call me and all I KNOW is that it's a good thing I didnt let her bring that dude into MY place cause he end up rippin off Tina and YOU KNOW she ain't even got shit worth takin.  She "SOLD" all her jewelry to that dude on the TV and a lot of her other shit burned in that fire from when she have that indoor barbecue on the 4th of July. Tina say the dude steal her walkman and one of her VCRs.  She lucky he didnt steal the baby.  I KNEW he was shady when I seen that blood on his shirt but YOU KNOW Tina don't never think about shit like that til she wake up missin a VCR.  
So last night I took Tina out for some drinks down at the Old Rust and you know how the owner J-Head start having waitresses at the table and how there that one bitch who work there always outside smokin and yellin at people and you lucky if you ever get a drink?  Well Tina
order two Hypnotiqs from the bitch and then she go around takin more orders and yellin at more people and like 20 minutes later I FINALLY seen the bitch come around with the tray of drinks.  So she bring one table some drinks, then she bring another table some drinks and then the bitch take the tray with the rest of the drinks on it and she go in the bathroom! That bitch took our Hypnotiqs in with her to piss or whatever she been doin in 
the bathroom.  So I see the bitch come out the bathroom and I look at the tray and right away I see that my Hypnotiq look kinda GREEN.  And there only ONE THING that gonna make my BLUE drink green and that's YELLOW!  So I stand right up and start goin off on the bitch and
screamin bout how she nasty and why the fuck she piss in my drink.  And I didn't care if that bitch suckin J-Heads dick or not cause she ain't got no right to be pissin in my drink!  Well right as I'm slappin the bitch in her head, Tina walk back in from havin a cigarette and start yellin at ME to calm down and she SPRITZnn and I start yelling at HER about how the bitch pissed in our drinks and Tina start yellin back at me about how she didnt order just Hypnotiq but she order some drink that Shakey invent called a HypnoDew.  Leave it to Shakey to invent somethin as fucked up as Hypnotiq and Mountain Dew!  That shit look and taste just like waitress piss.  I apologized to the bitch for hittin her but she still nasty to be bringin a tray of drinks in the bathroom.