Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tina try to get a reward

I swear girl, it don't stop!  And sometimes you think it do stop and sit down on a chair and eat some chips, THEN like a minute later your cell phone ringing and it's Tina.  And as soon as you see Tina's name come up, you KNOW that it stopped stoppin.  There it goes.  It don't  NEVER stop for long. 
Well, the other day me and Tina was down havin lunch at Sparky's cause her friend LuLu work there now and she never charge Tina for shit AND she let Tina steal one of  the highchairs for the baby. Now they only got one highchair at Sparky's so you better call your sister and let her know that she can't bring the twins there til they get a new one.  I know she like to go there.  So when we was leaving Tina seen this poster "REWARD $200".  And she ain't had no money since that day she worked at Bibbie's so she thinkin she gonna get rich quick with the reward money. You know Tina.  Did I already tell you this story?   Wit the lost parrot?  I know WHAT I NEED to tell you..........Fortune gonna name her baby Felatio if it a boy.  Tina told me.  And YES i asked Tina if Fortune even knew what it meant. She said she don't care becuase MOST PEOPLE don't know what it mean. And she think it sounds exotic.  Greek or some shit.  For that baby's sake I hope she have a girl.  But me and Tina walked by that reward poster and Tina grabbed it down off the wall and she seen a picture of a parrot on it.  And Tina say real loud "WHO PAY $200 FOR A BIRD!? Show and Tell, bitch!  Show and Tell!"  She always say it twice.  And now she pokes people in the chest when she say it.  She TRIED pokin me and I bent down and bit her finger.  I hate bein poked. Anyway, Tina kept the
 poster and she say she "gonna find the rabbit, I mean parrot."  How is she gonna catch a fuckin parrot?  Alive? 

Shakey got food poisoning from that Chinese steamtable place.  He shit his pants on the Muni.  I just told you that cause now everyone wanna start callin him Stinky. He said he think it was the pork cause that what he could taste the most of when he threw up.  Julie say she aint never been sick from there.  I got sick and I didnt even eat anything.  Hold on.....

SO......hold on

THIS.......fuck, hold on

I KNOW YOU HEARD BY NOW , since I already just got 4 phone calls.  And I know that I should shut down my computer and go get her ass out of jail AGAIN but this is what I mean by when I say sometime's it hard to be Tina's best friend.  Now I gotta go get her and take two busses that hardly even come on Sunday and go to the jail and claim her.  I have to ADMIT to some stranger at the police station that the lady arrested for attempted animal cruelty is my friend.  It don't stop.  She lucky her bail is only $50.  I'll call you later.

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