Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tina bought a car

Please do not sit there reading this actin like you ain't even heard, cause I already heard that you heard and I heard it from two different people, so dont CALL me when you done readin this and say ain't no one already told you.  Can you believe Tina was gonna spraypaint a pigeon green and try to get the reward for that parrot?  Well I can believe it cause I been down at 850 Bryant for 3 hours gettin her out of jail and tryin to convince the lady at the bail window that  that's just how Tina get when she get her period.  I mean I didn't SAY that Tina always spray painting pigeons green, I just said that when she on her period that she always lookin for a quick dollar.  You know how she get.  But what the fuck was she thinkin when she went in the hardware store and ask the guy what kind of paint she should use if she wanted to paint a pigeon from off the street to make it look like a parrot so she could get a reward.  Sometimes she just need to cut her sentence short.  Why she just don't ask for parrot green spraypaint?  She so stupid sometimes.  But she TOLD the dude she wanted to spray paint a pigeon and I guess they got some kind of rule there that when you say you gonna paint a pigeon then they gotta call the police.  Like there ain't bigger crimes goin on at the hardware store.  Shakey could go in there and ask for two pounds of fertilizer, some kerosene and a lighter and no one would ask any questions...cause that's what he did when he blew up Fortune's momma's car.  All I'm sayin is that Shakey didn't go in there and say "I'm gonna blow up Fortune's momma's car, what do I need?"  You know?  The dude at the store probly just thought Shakey was growin some tomatoes, havin a cook out and wanted to light his cigarette.  But you know Tina...she want EVERYONE to see how smart she is.  She don't stop.
Anyway, as soon as I got Tina out of jail she made me take her over to Crystal's place to pick up that car that she bought off of Crystal's brother.  And I TOLD her that no car that cost $400 was gonna be any good and I was RIGHT cause when Tina tried to get the car out of the parkin lot she found out that the car DON'T GO in reverse.  But Crystal's brother didn't tell Tina that, he just said that the car was sold "As Is".  So me and Tina was in the car and Tina was tryin to back out and the car wouldn't do it and she tried for like 15 minutes so she call Crystal's
 brother and ask him like what the fuck and shit and he tell her that the car only go forward and that's why it so cheap.  Tina got PISSED.  And I TRIED to tell her to stay calm since she just got out a jail and all but Tina put the car in forward and drove over that little cement island at Crystal's apartment buildings parking lot and knocked over them new trees they just planted then she rammed into Crystal's brothers car.  She WANTED to ram into it, back up, ram again, back up, ram again, back and ram, back and ram, but she FORGOT that the car don't do back so she just RAM real hard then we just sit there. And then the horn on Crystal's brothers car started honkin and didn't stop and then the horn on the car Tina bought started goin off and YOU KNOW how I hate car horns so I just left.  Did she call you?

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