Wednesday, December 24, 2008


You know how when we go out to nice restaurants Tina always steal the bottle of ketchup?  Or she steal the salt and pepper?. Or the napkins?  Or them nutcrackers and little forks that she SAY she got at Target but  that I KNOW she stole from Joe's Crab Shack?.  Or whatever, she a thief.  Well the other night me and Tina was out to dinner at Bus Stop Burger on Divis and I don't know if you been to Bus Stop Burger ever since that night Fortune's sister stabbed your friend but I think they got a new owner now cause they got all these new steak sauces in bottles that they keep on the table. You know how they usally just got A1 and Heinz 57? Well now they got all kinds of shit and they got shit you can't even get at the Safeway.  I aint kiddin.
Well, you know Tina and her giant purse.  They don't stop! Tina wasnt even done half her burger and she already had like 6 of them sauces in her bag INCLUDING the hot sauce which she KNOW I always use.  And you know her rule.  Once she put it in her bag, she dont take it back out. So she make ME get up to get another hot sauce off another table and the MANAGER walk over to me and ask me if I had something wrong with me.  I think he thought I was stealin tips or eatin peoples leftovers cause I DID pick up someones uneaten half a burger off the table but I was just lookin to see what they had on it.  You know I aint gonna eat that shit.  So I put down the burger and told him I just need some hot sauce cause we didnt have none on our table and I was real nice when I said it but he look over at mine and Tinas table and start yellin at Tina about how he KNOW all 13 sauces was there when we sat down!  He didnt ask no questions, he just started yellin at Tina. 
 And you know how Tina dont like to be yelled at.  She spit her burger into her hand and threw it right at the dudes head.  Some of it hit him in the neck but most of it missed and splattered 
on the front window.  So Tina stand up and start yellin "You Got Video??!!  Well SHOW AND TELL bitch", 
and I dont know if I told you but Tina sayin that all the time now.  Everything all "Show and Tell, Show and Tell!"  It dont make no sense a lot of time.  Anyway, we aint allowed back in there no more but Tina did say she wants to have a steak party at her house and she said you could come if you brought some steak.  I'm just sayin its somethin to think about.   

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