Monday, December 22, 2008

I seen Tina today!

So I'm walking down 18th Street today right behind that bitch who threw a penny at my head that day at the bar and who do I see WALKING out of the WALGREENS but TINA!!!!  And I ain't seen her FACE TO FACE since that fabric softner burned my skin!   She tellin me over the phone that i got nasty skin and shit.  So I seen her come out of the Walgreens and I yell "HEY.....TINA!!!!  You just buy some of that cheap ass fabric softner?  That shit as cheap as your rent!", which BTW, is free because she don't mind sucking dick for a place to sleep. And she KNOWS that I know that.  But I'm just saying that I called her ass out on the fabric softener .  Well as soon as i said that she start freaking out, she screaming like our girl Casey during a waxing with no Vicodin and wine.  All these people gathering around us holding up their cell phones filming her even before her freakout began.  Because they KNEW!  By the time "cheap ass fabric softner" came out my mouth, people knew two bitches were about to be fighting.  But I don't wanna talk about it.  EXCEPT to say that when she turned around to start freaking out on me her ass wiped out on a banana peel.  I AIN'T KIDDIN. It was like one of them old movies from the 80's.  Right down on her ass.  I started laughin cause it looked funny!!  Girl, if you was there with me we would have fallen down and spit up our Jamba Juice.   But she ain't here to defend herself from the TRUTH so it would be rude to go on about her getting taken away IN HANDCUFFS.  Crying.  With no place for her baby to stay. I ain't saying nuthin except DONT answer your phone cause it might be Tina looking for bail money.  I heard she's calling all around.  But if she does call you, don't tell her i told you already.  Tell her that you seen it on you tube or facialbook.  Or the news.  But that's not why I was writing to you.  So, i gotta go.  Remember, if the caller ID says "jail", don't answer.  

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