Monday, December 22, 2008

Now Tina's sister callin me

Well, remember yesterday that i told you how Tina got arrested for verbal assault but ending up gettin the death penalty for murder?   Did I mention that yesterday?    About the murder charge?   I think I started to then I started tellin you the story bout that asshole on the bus yelling about the chickens and the eggs.  Damn.  I knew there was something I forgot to tell you. Probly cause you rushed me off the phone. Anyway, they sayin that they think that Tina did the murder  and that there ain't no one else who coulda done it cause they already went through every other possible suspect and now Tina gonna be put in the gas chamber.  Shirley said that they might even have Tina gassed by Friday but she ain't really sure.  Shirl heard it from a girl whose boyfriend is the brother in law of the brother of the woman who does all the fingerprinting investigations for the department of petty theft at the TJ Maxx. So she's pretty connected.  Now you know I love Tina but at this point, if they gas her then they gas her cause she is on my nerves that much.  And now her sister callin me sayin its my fault for yellin at Tina and makin her go crazy.  I told her sister that Tina was already crazy and that ain't some shit she needs to be layin on me.  Her sister as crazy as she is.   You know,  I was SUPPOSED to do my laundry on Sunday and now it's Wednesday and I still aint done it.  But that's just like her. 

Anyway, we went to DeeDEE's  "art" opening tonight at the bar.  I told you bout that right?  I meant to.   Dee DEE did all these paintings of red sperms swimming in the ocean TOWARD the people on the life boats from the Titanic.  She said it "symbolized" new hope being brought to "life" boats full  of people who were gonna "die" while freezing to death, whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean.   I said it "symbolized" that she smokes a lot of weed. And YOU KNOW I went to her opening  because she said there would be free wine.  And that was true if you got there at exactly 6 o'clock.  At 6:01 it was $8 a glass. DeeDEE is so cheap, she got a one minute open bar.  And you know I wasnt payin $8 for a glass of wine so I just went behind the bar and grabbed 2 bottles of red off the shelf when the bartender wasn't looking.  I didn't care.  I had a corkscrew in my bag.   And don't you wanna poke your eye when you see how she spells her name now?  Remember when she was Dee?  Then DEE.  Shortened to D.  Then she got her boob implants and remember how she tell everyone to call her "Double D".  So then everyone called her Double D but then one of her implants exploded and Shirley told us that if we called her double d it might be in bad taste, referring to her as a boob size she ain't got no more, so we went back to calling her Dee?  She gettin too fancy.  

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