Saturday, March 7, 2009

Julie One Dumb Bitch

You know how yesterday I told you not to yell out "Tina" if you see one of them posters pasted up in the underground?  Well girl, I FORGOT you moved to North Dakota the day after we had that goin away party for you.  I guess there ain't no good chance that you gonna see Tina's "Wanted" poster on the underground there.  How IS the underground there anyway.  Do it run on time most of the time or is it late all the time like the  N Judah?

Anyway, I guess Julie didn't hear that Tina poked that dude's eyes out on the MUNI yesterday cause  Shirl call me today and she say that Julie down at Civic Center underground and YOU KNOW how Julie don't read real good?  Well that bitch walk right up to one of them posters and rip it down and start screamin about how she know where her "missing" friend is.  That bitch didn't even KNOW it was a "wanted" poster.  And YOU KNOW that almost everyone of that bitch's friends has been ON a wanted poster so YOU KNOW that SHE KNOW what a wanted poster look like. I AM JUST SAYIN!

Well Julie go runnin up the steps to that booth where them bitch ass, lazy, crossword puzzle doin, too annoyed to even press the "please enter" button bitches
 sit and she start screaming at this bitch about how she know where the "missing" lady at and that her name is Tina and that she just seen her at her apartment down in Lower Haight!!  That bitch did everything cept give Tina's Social Security number.  But I ain't even sure Tina HAVE a Social Security number.  Shirley said that Julie said that about 9 seconds after she say she know where Tina at there was 4 cops IN HER FACE yellin about "the suspect" and about how Julie need to take them to her.  Well I guess because of their TONE or something, Julie realize that Tina was in trouble and not missing so she look at the picture again and say " ain't even Gina.  I'm sorry, I thought it was Gina."  Then she just walk away.  I don't think the cops believed her.

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