Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tina Pokes

Girl!  Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl!!!!  You remember that time you say that you would serve a sentence in jail up to and including TEN years if you could just ONE TIME smack Tyra Banks in the head with a Twinkie?  And we was with Shirley and Julie and Tina, and right after you say that, Julie say how she would go to jail if just ONE TIME she could pick up a nasty pissed in Dunkin Donuts to go coffee cup off the ground and throw it at Showcase's head, and then Shirl say she probly throw somethin  nasty at Showcase's head too, and then I FINALLY realize that nobody really like Showcase.  But I ain't even talkin about that.  

You remember how on that night Tina braggin about how she don't never pay for no MUNI and say that if  "any of them bitches" checkin for a MUNI Pass or transfer ever get in her face when she on the train then she say she gonna pull their hair and spit in their eye?  And remember
 how I said I bet you ten dollar she do it in the next 3 months and then you said that Tina ain't even stupid enough to do shit like that and you bet against me?  Well ten dollars to me girl cause from what I HEARD from Shirley, they got Tina's picture plastered all over all the underground stops cause today Tina jumped on the N Judah and she don't have no transfer or Fastpass or no shit and when the dude came up and ask her for it, Tina just poke both her pointer fingers into the ticket checker dude's eyes and run out the back door.  Now they say he might not never see again but they ain't sure cause they ain't even sure if they could save his eyes, let no loan his sight.  Anyway, I'm just sayin, if you see one of the "WANTED" signs, don't scream out "TINA!"

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