Saturday, February 28, 2009


Girl, I never thought Tina would be STUPID enough to try the shit she try today at the Designer Shoe Warehouse and witout even TELLING me she gonna do it first but I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN something was up when Tina didn't have on her purple high tops when we was shoppin cause YOU KNOW she always wear them sneaks when we go down to Union Square.  And when we met up outside Walreens I DID notice she was wearin that pair of black slip ons that Fortune left at her place one night, and I KNOW that YOU KNOW what pair I'm talkin bout cause Fortune bring them up every time she talk to anyone or email anyone but that bitch ain't ever gone right up to Tina in the year and a half since she left them at Tina's and say "Tina gimme my fuckin shoes back." She just bitch about how Tina never give them back.   I'm just sayin that if Fortune was too fucked up to not know she didn't have no shoes on when she left that party at Tina's, well then maybe Fortune don't deserve to own them shoes.  

Anyway, me and Tina looked at shoes for a while and I didn't see nothin I wanted and I THOUGHT that Tina didn't see nothin SHE wanted but right as we  was walkin out the
front door I seen something hangin off the back of Tina's shoe.  And as soon as I said "Hey Teen, what's that....", girl, that fuckin alarm start goin off and I see Tina's nice, new, bright white Reeboks wit security tags hangin off the back of them go jammin out the door!  
All Tina say is "RUN BITCH!"  And I just yelled "I don't NEED to run bitch!  I didn't steal no Reeboks".  I stood right outside and smoked a cigarette and watched Tina run UPHILL to get away.  I still don't know if she got away, I went over to the Old Rust.   She ain't called.

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