Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tina Street

You know how we always say "Just cause Tina's crossin the street don't mean you should too"?   You know cause of that one time she cross against the light and got hit by that car.  But it is true and everyday I come into some situation with Tina and I always say to myself "Just cause Tina's crossin the street don't mean you should too".  Well after we get up today Tina say right away how she gonna find Shakey's shady cousin and how she gonna make him give our (MY) money back.  Girl I KNEW $20 a ticket was too cheap.  Anyway me and Tina walk over to Shakey's to see if Wiley there and RIGHT AT THE TIME me and Tina's walkin up Tina seen Wiley walkin out!  And you know the way Tina jump when she see a dollar on the ground?   That's how she jump at Wiley!  Tina just charge all up on him and grab him by his belt and throw him right on the ground. That dude was FLAT on his back.  Tina got her foot in his face screamin "NOW WHAT?"  Then she start saying how she want her (MY) money back and she start kickin the dude in the ribs and spittin on him and talkin bout how he BETTER have the money.  The dudes layin on the ground and cryin real hard and beggin her to stop and Tina kick him like 15 times and after the 15th time she kick him she realize it ain't even Wiley.  Tina there kickin the shit out of Showcases little brother Plinko.  Plinko start screaming "TINA!!!!!" but you know how she get once she get kickin.  She don't stop.  Tina kicks once, you know she kickin 5 times.    She felt bad when she realized and saw the blood on Plinko's face.  I hope Showcase ain't mad.

That's when the bad shit happen.  Tina go UP TO Shakey's front door and start bangin on it and makin noise and yellin motherfucker and sayin how she gonna get her money even if she have to burn the place down!  And that's when I said "Just cause Tina's crossin the street don't mean you should too".  As soon as I hear her say "burn down" and then put that brick through the window I just left.  I wasnt crossin that street.  Cause you know she serious.  I hope she didn't burn down Shakey's place, i got shit stored there.

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