Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the Nation's Nerves

Well, me and Tina's back now but I still ain't sure I'm ready to look at you face to face because everytime I look at you I'm gonna think of how you made me suffer with Tina at the inauguration.  I ain't even told you that when we was listening to Barak Obama give his speech and he was sayin all that shit about buildin a brighter future, and fixing shit, and making America shine again, Tina start yellin "SHOW AND TELL BITCH!"  She all messed up on pain pills and mimosas, and everytime Obama say he gonna do somethin, Tina start yellin it.  And she still always say it twice. And NOBODY around us thought it was funny.  CAUSE IT WASN'T.  I ain't never been with somebody that was on my nerves and on the nerves of more people at one time than when Tina was on my and everyone elses nerves right then.  That bitch had people SHUSHING her and you know she don't like people shushing her so she start yellin about how it's her President too, and how every voice count and how she got a right to free speech and how it say so in the Bible.  She need to shut up sooner.  Then all the millions of people around us got a attitude to ME cause I'm her friend and I should do something about her.  And YOU KNOW I wanted to tell people to fuck off but Tina was acting so bad and I knew they was right to be pissed so I told a lot of people that she was crazy and that's why she screamin and have her head wrapped up in pink.  I told them she was from a "home".  I'm just sayin, I don't know what pain pills she on, but they don't mix with mimosas.  That girl need to stick to beer wit that shit. 

And I KNOW you heard that the two tickets I THOUGHT I had to the Presidents Ball turned out to be fake.  And YOU KNOW as soon as Tina see Shakey's shady cousin Wiley who
 sold us them tickets she gonna kick his ass.  Cause we went up to that ball and even though we slept in a box the night before we still look good.  And then we get up to the door and give the dude the tickets and he get all up on his radio right away for security and then they drive us away on a cart and then they lock us in a room and ask us bout WHERE we bought the tickets!  Tina said we got em from Shakey's shady cousin but she say she didn't know his name.  They just let us go after that and told me to make sure I got her back safely.  

Well, we back now.  And I guess I forgive you but you better gimme some weed or somethin.  I'll probly call you.

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