Monday, January 26, 2009

Poor Plinko

Girl, sometimes it don't matter if you DON'T cross that street just cause Tina do, you still get hit by the fuckin car!  Showcase been callin ME all day today and she screamin bout how her and her brother is gonna sue Tina for beatin him up and then they gonna sue her in a separate case for spitting on him!  I HOPE I get jury duty for that spitting case cause I'm gonna MAKE SURE that they have Tina and Plinko re-enact the whole thing.  I'd be standin up actin all confused sayin I can't visualize in my mind the positions they was in when she was spittin on him so please re-enact it for me.  You know Tina be into it.  She always want to spit inside a court room.  But you KNOW that Showcase put Plinko up to this!.  That Plinko so nice that it don't matter if he got the shit kicked out of him and spray painted green, he ain't gonna sue nobody.  Showcase just lookin for some new clothes.  

I still ain't talked to Tina since she was throwin that rock through Shakey's window but I
HEARD from Shirley that Tina busted in there screamin and wavin a umbrella around.  And you know how Shakey always got a gallon jug of whiskey sittin on his stove?  Well Tina grab the bottle and she start pourin the whiskey all over Shakey's carpets and she screaming "Gimme my money bitch!" and tellin Shakey that his shady Cousin a cocksucker for takin advantage of the new president and that she got matches in her pocket and that she ain't afraid to strike one if she don't see $40!  Then she start flickin matches at the carpet but then steppin on them real fast so the place wouldn't burn down.  Now I'm just sayin that this is the story that Tina told Shirl so you don't even know how much of that shit is even true.  BUT Tina told Shirl that she got MY half of the money (?) and that she end up fuckin Shakey.  She don't stop fuckin him.

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