Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tina had a accident!

Well I know how your phone always get shut off from the 11th to the 15th so I didnt even try to call you when I heard.  Did you hear?  Tina borrowed Shakey's brothers old piece of shit Cutlas so she could go see some friend way down San Bruno Ave and I don't know what kind of FRIEND she got way down San Bruno Ave but I THINK it got somethin to do with that shit she make in her basement.  Anyway, Tina was drivin down San Bruno in Shakey's brothers car and she hit this big pothole.  And YOU KNOW that old piece of Shakey shit Cutlas don't have no shocks, that car ain't had no shocks or back windows ever since he bought it.  Well I guess when Tina hit that pothole her head bounced up and hit roof of the car and then bounced back down and smacked the steering wheel and I think the combination of the two things is why Tina got her jaw wired shut now.  All I know is Tina ain't going with me to the inaguration if her jaw is still wired shut cause I don't need everyone starin at us.  And I want to drink when I'm there and I AIN'T drinkin with Tina if she taking pain killers AND drinkin her beer through a straw.   Well I didnt have a chance to stop and see Tina at the hospital  but Showcase did and Showcase said that most of Tinas injuries are Internal so it's not that bad. And her head all wrapped like a mummy.  And she said Tina almost bit her tounge off but I aint gonna start spreadin that around cause YOU KNOW how Showcase like to exagerate.  Well I guess I got my wish from the other day when I say "Tina needs to learn to shut the fuck up".  I'll meet you tomorrow and we'll go see her at the hospital.

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