Monday, January 12, 2009

If Tina could open her mouth...

It is beyond me how you think that anyone believe that you "lost your neighbor's dog" right before you was supposed to go with me to the hospital to see Tina and then you "found" the dog right at the same time I got to the hospital.  I ain't sayin it didn't happen, I'm just sayin.  Anyway, Tina was pissed that you didn't come and I swear that if her jaw wasn't wired shut and she could open her mouth she would have bitched about you the whole time.  I seen it in her eyes.  You know how her eyes get!  Even with all them bandages on her face you could still see her eyes and they was mad that you wasn't there.  I TRIED tellin her about that "lost dog" but from what I could tell from her eyes, she didnt believe it either.  All I know is there ain't NO WAY she goin to the inauguration with me cause she ain't even gettin her face bandages off til the 23rd!  And I ain't gonna be showin up at the inauguration after parties with Tina all wrapped up, walkin around Washington DC like its Halloween.  That's embarrassing.  

Anyway, I guess Showcase was right and Tina almost DID bite her tounge off!  I KNOW
 you picturin it right now, Tina wit no tounge!  Mmmmmmmmm.  Stop.  That girl  need her tounge to make her living.  She lucky her teeth didnt bite right through it.  She wrote me a note on a napkin that she wanna sue Shakey's brother.  Tina wrote it right on the napkin...sue Shakey's brother...then she start tappin her pen real hard on it.  TAP TAP TAP.....TAP TAP TAP...  And I could TELL she was tappin out "SHOW AND TELL" cause she tapped the napkin three times each time she did it.  She actin like her wildest dream came true and she can finally sue Shakey's brother for all he's worth. What kind of case is she gonna make out of that and what the fuck does she think she gonna get out of Shakey's brother?  A car with no back windows?  She don't stop, even all bandaged up.

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