Sunday, January 11, 2009


I KNEW it was gonna happen I just didnt know when it would happen but it happen on Friday.  You know how Shirley doin them parenting classes for Tina?  Well Tina said she gonna pay Shirl $40 and Shirley been to 4 classes so far and Tina ain't paid her shit and now Shirley sayin she ain't gonna go to no more classes so now Tina won't be able to get her Good Parenting diploma and the state might SELL the baby.  I mean I don't really feel sorry for Shirley cause if she an ass enough to think that she gonna get some money out of a unemployed bitch who lost her baby in the bar then she gotta learn her lesson.  She lucky she only losin out on $40.  Tina could lose the baby!!  That's why I think that Tina should probaly go rip someone off and steal money out of their wallet the way she do while she suckin their dick and then pay Shirl the money so she'll keep goin to the classes.   She gonna get a big tax deduction for the baby this year and it worth a lot more than $40.  So she can't afford to lose the baby.  Tina said that if she have another kid and it's a boy then she'll get three times the money on her taxes.  Is that true?  She said she want to have another baby before the end of the year.  She don't stop.

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