Friday, January 23, 2009


I know, that you know, that I am mad as FUCK at you.   I TOLD YOU not to tell Tina that the other ticket to the inauguration didn't get stolen.  Me and you was all set to go to Washington DC and then the first thing you say to her when you first seen her on Saturday Night at that meat party... "Hey Tina, you hear that other ticket didn't really get stolen?"  Then Tina start yellin at ME  bout why ain't I told her yet and I had to look at her and LIE and say that I was savin it as a surprise.  I TOLD YOU I didn't want Tina to go with me with her head all wrapped up in them pink bandages.  I'm just saying, I don't think YOU wanna be walking around with someone who look like that and that people is gonna stare at.  And I TOLD  her maybe she could wear a wig or somethin so she'd look less embarassing but she say that the doctor say that you can't wear no wig over the bandages cause your head can't breathe and if your head can't breathe then your scalp could fall off. And that can be dangerous.  But since YOU open your big mouth I had to take Tina to the inauguration and I know you heard everything from Tina already.  I'm just saying, if she tell you that it's MY fault for what happen on Wednesday night, well she lie.She a lying bitch and she can lick my ass if she gonna try and say it was my fault. You KNOW that every time either one of us ever get arrested it always Tina's fault.  I got arrested for shoplifting once when Tina stuck them Whitman's Samplers in my bag without me knowing.  I get arrested and she go free. She don't stop. All I know is this time that bitch is payin me back for the bail money, I don't care if she got hospital bills.  Which she do.   

And I know you already heard that on the way there Tina took them wire cutters she always carry and snapped the wire that kept her jaw shut.  I told her she shouldn't do it but you know how she always say she good at performing minor surgeries.  That doctor gonna be more pissed than I was when I had to hear Tina NAG the whole trip.  

And I KINOW you heard that we didn't even get no hotel room in
Washington DC.  Maybe someone could have told me that all the hotels a be crowded. One night we slept in a box in some bushes and one night Tina gave some dude a massage at his place and he let us sleep on his floor.  Then of course the 2 nights we spent in jail, so we didnt have to worry about no place to sleep.   I'm just saying that I guess there were more people in Washington than I thought they be and if i go to the inauguration again next year I'm gonna call for a room in like December.  

Anyway, like I say before, don't believe Tina if she say it was my idea to steal that car.  She been naggin the whole day about how she cold and how she don't feel like walkin no more and how her bandages hurt and she think she sick.  Then she seen this dude get out of his car to go into the 7-11 and he leave the car running and Tina start yelling at me to "get in the fuckin car" and she jump in the drivers side so I jump in the other side and we got about 2 blocks down the street when Tina hit that hot dog cart.  And we would have gotten away
if she ran over the hot dog vendor dude too but she didn't and he waved down the police. But Tina tryin to say that I MADE HER steal the car and that I was punching her arm when she was driving and that why she crash.  I'm just sayin that if you had kept your mouth shut and didn't say anything about that ticket then I wouldnt have gone to jail.  And they only let us go after just two days cause they found out that Tina was the woman on death row for 48 hours and they didn't need all the publicity of havin a celebrity like her locked up in their jail during inauguration week.  I'll tell you about it more tomorrow if I feel like it.

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