Friday, January 16, 2009

Dinner at Tina's

FIRST, Tina said she excited to see you at that dinner tomorrow at her house and she told ME to tell YOU that you better not be bringing some cheap ass meat like salisbury steak or ground beef. She tell me to tell you that we should have AT LEAST a T-bone.  Tina say she got all the condiments but if you want potatoes and vegetables then you better pick them up too.  And she need some napkins.  I don't know how she already go through that whole jumbo pack of napkins that Lulu stole from the restaurant and give to her.  Tina probly use them for diapers on the baby.  Oh, and if you want to drink anything you should probly pick it up on your way.  Tina said she don't care if her jaw wired shut, she eatin them steaks.  Oh, did I tell you?  Tina want 2 steaks for herself.  She don't stop with the steaks.

SECOND, right before they let Tina out of the hospital today they put some new bandages on her head and they let her pick what color bandages she want to go home wearin and Tina say 
she want pink!  Tina's head all wrapped in pink bandages lookin like a walking cotton candy.  She crazy.  Anyway, she ain't got her whole face covered no more, the bandages is just wrapped around the top of her head like a turban and then the bandages wrap under her chin and up over her head, then her jaw all wired shut and then she STILL got that dick mark on her face.  So she still look a little weird.  And YES, they did (FINALLY!) shave that weave off her head.  It in some hazardous waste garbage bag in the basement of the hospital. Her weave probly tryin to fight it's way out  the bag. I'm just sayin that it's probly alright if you tell her it's cool that her head bandages match her braces but don't say she look like cotton candy.

Don't forget, we leave for the inauguration on Sunday.  AND ain't 72 degrees in Washington DC like it is here.  I got sunburned today! I heard it's A LOT colder in A LOT of 
places but I ain't sure cause I ain't seen the news cause I been outside enjoyin the weather. Tina scribbled on a napkin that she heard it's colder than freezing on the East Coast and that frozen things like lakes is gettin a extra layer of freeze.  So bring socks!  I'll see you at Tinas. 

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