Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tina Get Sticky

I don't know if you already heard but if I was in Las Vegas I would bet on I guess you already heard.  Tina probly call you right after she get on the 24.   Girl, it did not stop today! First,  Me and Tina was downtown today cause Fortune started workin at H&M  for somethin to do til she have the baby and she get us a good discount.  Well right when we walk out of H&M Tina step in the biggest blob of gum I ever seen.  It was about the size of dog shit. Tina stomp right down in it and then stick to the sidewalk.  She try to lift up her sneaker and it look like there was three pieces of Bubble Yum and some flies all chewed together and stuck on there.  And she was wearin her purple sneakers that she always wear downtown so YOU KNOW she got pissed.  She was SPRITZZin!  She standin in the middle of the sidewalk in the middle of Powelll Street screaming at this group of like 15 Chinese ladies sayin  they need to learn how to "properly dispose of  their motherfucking gum!!!" Talkin how she gonna teach a lesson.  She pointin at the ones that she see chewing gum and then walkin up to them and flickin her finger into their forehead and yellin "WHAT YOU GONNA DO WITH THAT GUM WHEN YOU DONE WITH IT, BITCH!??"  They don't even know what she SAYIN, Tina freakin out in their faces, one lady just start crying and another one handed her $30 and RAN!  Then Tina SNATCH HER SNEAKER off the sidewalk and put it right in the face of the first bitch she seen and the bitch she do it to was like 8O and didnt even have no teeth to chew no gum!  Tina put it right in her face but then I think she realize that she actually do have a heart and took it OUT of the bitches face pretty fast.  She just start wavin it and pokin it at people like it's a torch or something, jabbing it at people, she start screamin "Hide and Seek Bitches, you gonna be chewin THIS piece next!"  Anyway she freak out for like 5 minutes then she just take her knife out of her pocket and scraped the gum off. She toss it right back on the sidewalk.
So we was at H&M and Fortune say that Showcase say that she serious about
the lawsuit and that SHE KNOW her sister only doin it for the money, and she said that Showcase gonna sue for $25,000,000!  What the fuck is wrong with her?  First, Tina took Plinko out to Dennys right after she kick the shit out of him which proves beyond any reasoned doubt that he FORGAVE her. And second, who is the last person you would try to get $25,000,000 out of?  Tina could work til the year 25 million and STILL not save $25.
Well, me and Tina was walkin home tonight and you know how at like 6 it went from bein real warm to real cold?  Well Tina didn't think it would get cold today since it was so nice so she didnt wear no jacket and then when we was walkin home Tina start bitching about how she cold and why didnt I tell her to bring no jacket!  That bitch KNOWS!  You ALWAYS bring a jacket.  Anyway, we was on Divis and we walk by this laundromat and Tina grab me in there and tell me to be lookout while she go through the know how she do.  So she find this sweater that was almost dry and she put it on and RIGHT as we was walkin out the laundrymat SHOWCASE walk in and look at Tina and Tina look at Showcase and Showcase
 start to point at Tina and YOU KNOW Tina don't like to be pointed at!!  Tina
slapped Showcase's finger down real hard and Showcase start SCREAMIN at Tina sayin how she gonna sue her for $50,000,000 and that Tina gonna have to pay it all!   So Tina slap Showcase right in her head and she yell "The Price AINT right, bitch!  I think you over bid!!.... NOW WHAT!?"  And YOU KNOW that Showcase don't like it when people pull that Price is Right shit on her.  So she...Girl, my pizza's here...I gotta go.

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