Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here What I Think...

Girl... I just need to tell you that that bitch Tina has yanked my tits THREE two many times and I KNOW you know what I'm talkin about!!! She want to call me and use up 43 minutes of my daytime minutes goin on about shit that got NOTHIN to do with me (AKA...Fortune's brother) but she try to act like it got EVERYTHING to do with me (just cause I fuck him ONE TIME 3 years ago) when it ain't even got nothing to do with me, you know? I don't need to know NOTHING about her shit with Fortune's brother Ikeya, but YOU KNOW she want me to know. She don't stop. Ever. The whole WORLD could stop... like the earth would stop spinnin and then all the sudden just STOP and then cause of gravity and shit all the people be thrown all over the place and all up in the air and caught in the trees or smashed into buildings but Tina still would not stop. That bitch would still be WALKING around and defyin gravity and still spreading shit and disease in her path. She like a zombie. And when she actually do become a zombie... cause it gonna happen... I bet she eat my ass first. I'm just saying that i ain't talking to her til AT LEAST Thursday and you can tell her I said that. As a matter of fact you can tell that bitch I ain't talking to her til Friday.

And you need to call me soon but only call on the weekend cause that BITCH TINA use up all my minutes. I need to go.

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