Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jimmy Doolittle, Baby Daddy

Girl, do you remember Showcase's friend Jimmy Doolittle?  He that dude with that red Corvette that always wanna take every bitch he see ridin in his car and then you go ridin in his car and then he pull his dick out after about four blocks of drivin.  I went ridin wit him like 6 times and EVERYTIME it was the same the time we hit Divis, he had it out and was 
bangin it against the steering wheel.  He'd start honking the horn with his dick to get my attention.   You ever go riding with him?  I don't know if you did but if you did then you would KNOW that he could steer that car AND get shit out of the glove compartment with his dick!  I seen it and I'm pretty sure you seen it too, but I don't know for sure so I ain't even just sayin.  

Anyway, Showcase say that Jimmy Doolittle might be Fortune's Baby Baby Daddy Daddy even though Fortune keep sayin that it's a Immaculate Conception. Did you hear about that shit? Fortune say that she ain't even been with nobody that she remember about for months around the time the kid was conceived and she say she havin some kind of "special" baby.  You KNOW 
it is!  That bitch just tryin to pimp out her baby before it even born.  She say she gonna do talk shows and that she ain't gonna act like a crazy bitch like the Octomom.  Alright, Fortune.  You ain't got fucked but you havin a baby.  You don't sound like no crazy bitch.  That happen all the time.  She don't stop.

But I'm just sayin that Showcase say she watch that TV show "Busted on the Job" and she say she see a tape on there of this bitch who look like Fortune doin it with this dude who look like Jimmy Doolittle in the break room where he work.  And it was dated from August.  I'm gonna see if there a video on You Tube tonight.

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