Monday, January 5, 2009


WELL, if you was stupid then I might have to tell you, but I know you ain't stupid so I don't even need to tell you that my hangover after the New Year parties make me feel like I got a big living room chair comin out my ass while that cheap ass fabric softener that Tina use is being poured on my face and burning off my skin.  You know what I mean!  Like YOU was that ONE Halloween. I  will drink with ANYONE, but I aint NEVER drinkin with Tina again cause it seem like everytime I do any drinkin with Tina I end up havin to apologize to a lot of people.  Or pay a fine.  And after I seen that I puke on that rug that I love I was SO MAD at Tina cause she know I can't eat spicy food after I drink anything blue.   And she MADE US get them enchiladas.  Anyway, I got my rug hanging outside my window right now to air out.  And since it's so cold out that should kill most of the germs.  Then I'll Fabreeze it. I'm just sayin, I was THAT sick and it's Tinas fault.

 And I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU BEEN but your cell phone been off since right after New Years and I KNOW cause I called you 4 times yesterday and three times today to see if you could bring me some soda.  I'm just sayin that it's RUDE to keep your  phone off for 
more than 9 hours.  

And WHAT the fuck is up with Fortune?  Did you hear?  That bitch ain't even due til May!!!
Her and her baby daddy was gonna try to get the doctors at the hospital to put Fortune into a early labor so they could get the fame and money for the first new year baby.  Fortune startin to make Showcase look like the smart one in that family.  I'm glad they caught onto her 
early cause I was gonna give up MY New Years Eve to be with some bitch who aint even havin her baby til May.  Fortune got her degree at Western, she need to start using it.  She dont need to be runnin scams.

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