Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cash for Gold

So Tina seen that commercial on the TV where you put all your unwanted, EXTRA jewelry that you got just layin around like under your bed and in the kitchen drawer and you put it in a envelope and then you just MAIL IT OFF to some dude and then the dude look at your shit and then he send you a check for what he gonna TELL YOU the jewelry's worth.  You seen that shit?  That sound like some shit that Shakey would do out his apartment window on a Tuesday night.  I see that commercial all the time when Im watchin Lingo on GSN and EVERYTIME I seen it I always start yellin out loud about who the fuck would be stupid enough to do shit like that?  You ALREADY know!   Tina so dumb sometimes.  She take ALL her jewelry, EVEN Shakey's Grandmoms wedding ring, that she got from suckin ALL them dicks,  she put it all in the envelopes and she drop them in the mailbox the same way that any bitch who inhales as many fumes as her would.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE when she told me that she did this shit.  Maybe I forgot to tell you cause I think it was at the same time that her baby missing so my mind was only focused on that. BUT if you seen the commercials then you seen the people on there all talkin like "I sent in my jewelry and I was able to buy a new house."  They got this one bitch on the commercial talkin how she retire early!!  And THAT'S what Tina thought she was gonna get for her shit.  Tina thinkin she gonna be retiring on that big Salt and Peppa necklace from Claire's at the mall.

Well after me and Tina picked up Shirl at that parenting class that she's doin for Tina we all went over to Tina's and Tina got her check for all that jewelry in the mail and she only got $7.46!  She mailed in TWO envelopes of shit!!! I
 guess them dicks she suckin aint as platinum card as she think. Or they rippin her off.
AND....BEFORE I FORGET....I heard that Fortune went into labor tonight but the baby daddy want her to hold it in and try it make it be the first New Year baby.  He got nerve!   He don't even know Fortune's last name!  But I heard that Fortune might go along with it so they can make some money.  Hey, I called her and told her to hold it in too.  Fortune could use the money.  

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