Monday, January 11, 2010


LOOK... I DON'T CARE what happen last year. I DON'T CARE about none of it. I mean, at the TIME it bottered me but then my new girl Fleece say "Girl, you don't got to care about none of that no more", so I DON'T CARE. Don't care bout all them lies that Tina told on all them different times, don't care whose dick Showcase sucked, and I don't even care if the right baby is with the right mama, as long as ONE baby is with ONE mamma. This is a new YEAR, and I don't know if you know BUT it is a new DECADE and I ain't got no time for no stupid shit in the new decade. And I'm gonna TELL that to Tina if she don't shut the fuck up about her possessed bedroom. Girl, did I tell you this already cause I don't think I did but I think I told it to Showcase but that was face to face. I guess I didn't tell you.
Well the other night Tina rent that scary movie Paratrooper Activity about them people with the possessed bedroom. Or maybe the whole house is possessed. I don't know cause I ain't seen it and I don't WANT to see it because I have SEEN Tina and Shakey's sex tape and THAT is the scariest shit ever caught on film in a bedroom. You seen it? I think it's on the internet. There a version of it on You Tube but they blurred out Shakey's dick... and the toys. Anyway, Teen calls me after she done watching Paralegal Activity and she all SCREAMING into the phone and she like HELP! HELP! And who KNOW what that mean with Tina. I'm just sayin, it could mean that she need a dollar for some lipstick OR that the baby on fire again. So Tina screaming and screaming and then she drop her phone and I still hear her screaming so I lit a cigarette and she STILL screaming, not saying anything about WHY she screaming, so I hung up and called 911 and I said "You need to send someone to Tina's".

Well that bitch smoked some weed and watch that movie ALONE in the DARK and each time she get more scared she hit more on the pipe and by the end of the movie where some shit fly out or something, Tina say that the shit fly OUT of her TV and into her
bedroom. I TOLD HER to get the shit that don't make her paranoid but she say that paranoia is fun. Unless you are ME and you got to call 911 on your crazy friend because she's screaming and won't say why. Well that whacked out huffer grab that baseball bat she got under her sofa and she start screaming and charging into the bedroom swinging that bat around breaking all her lamps and mirrors AND that vase with the dead flowers and the nasty fly water in it. She say she kept swinging the bat til she got the thing trapped in her bedroom closet. That's when she call me screaming and I call 911. Tina SAY that the 911 guys got the demon out but they didn't give her anything for her nerves. Now she think that the demon went in there and had babies and left them in the closet. She don't stop.

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