Thursday, February 5, 2009

Frosted Flakes

J-Head call me today and ask me what the fuck happen with that waitress and I TOLD him that it's some nasty shit that that bitch bring Hypnotiq in the bathroom with her.  How she even wash her hands before returning at work?  She don't.  I told J-Head I want free drinks the next time we there.  AND I asked for that bitches schedule cause I ain't goin no more if she there.  I'm just sayin.

And I HOPE you didnt open them boxes of the Frosted Flakes that we got 2 for 1 at the Rite Aid sale with Michael Phelps on them cause I heard that Flakes dropped his ass for smokin weed and now them boxes gonna be worth BIG money in like 6 months.  So don't open em.  And Shirley call me today
and YOU KNOW how Shirley see somethin on the TV and then call all around til she find someone to talk to about the thing she seen on the TV and trap you on the phone for 20 minutes?  Well Shirley call ME today and she goin off about Frosted Flakes and
screamin in the phone that people who smoke weed eat 90% of the Frosted Flakes and that they ain't got no right to be droppin him and they crazy if they think Tony The Tiger gonna sell more boxes and how Tony probly smoke weed too or chew on know how she get!  SHE THINK they need to put a picture of him smoking a bong right on the box.  I think she right.  I look at a box wit someone smoking a bong on it,  it make me hungry.  
Tina say she wanna go to the Chinese New Year parade this weekend but I ain't sure I'm goin.I ain't even sure it IS this weekend, but Tina say it is and she know her astronomy. But I been with Tina the last three times and I am tired of spending Chinese New Year in jail.  I just wanna go, look at some dragons, throw some fire crackers at little kids and have a couple drinks.  But Tina get all excited like it's HER new year, even though it ain't and she end up all wasted and offending people and then she end up in handcuffs and I spend my New Year bailing her out.  I need to start this Chinese New Year fresh.  

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