Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bitches and their bags

Did you hear what Tina did on that stairway today?  She too crazy and YOU KNOW she gonna end up in jail someday.  And I ain't even talkin about the times she already BEEN in jail OR on death row.  I'm talkin about the future which is something Tina DON'T NEVER think about.  And why she gotta get so mad over two bitches on the stairway at the Van Ness underground is beyond anything I even want to know about a person in their lifetime.  I'm just sayin, wit Tina it could be two bitches on the steps of Muni or it could be a priest in line at the liquor store, she will start shit wit any of them.  

So Tina was walkin UP the steps at Van Ness and I was walkin UP behind her and YOU KNOW that Tina is serious about the proper etiquette when you on the stairs or the escalator. You
 SEEN HER yell at people about "keep to the right bitch, pass on the left bitch", you know, you seen it.  Well we comin UP the steps at Van Ness and we keepin to the RIGHT against the railing and as we going UP these two bitches with big bags was walkin NEXT to each other going DOWN the stairs and the one bitch was too far over to her LEFT and just ignored the fact that Tina was even existing AND walkin up the steps and that bitch smack Tina right in her head with all three her bags!  Tina's head get slapped with The Gap, H&M, and Victoria's Secret all right in a row.  Smack, smack, smack!  Girl, I KNOW you just lit a cigarette cause YOU KNOW that some serious shit is about to happen.  I seen them bags hit Tina's head and I just look down at the floor like I drop my transfer or a quarter or something and I almost start laughin so I act like I seen Shirley and start yellin "HEY SHIRL!....SHIRLEY!" and I just run right back down the stairs to fake Shirley.  

WELL....that's when I seen the bags come flyin down the stairs and I hear that very recognizable sound of Tina beatin on some bitches.  So I'm hearin the slap slap slap and then I hear Tina scream down at me "Grab the bags and run!  Get that shit!"  So I did!  Me and Tina split the shit and I got a couple of nice sweaters.  Tina took all the Victoria's Secret shit.  Shakey gonna be real impressed.

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