Saturday, December 27, 2008

Showcase is shady

Remember how I told you how me, Tina, Showcase, and Shirl was going to that bar Boo Boo's on Divis on Christmas Eve because Showcases friend Uni was workin there and she could get us free shots as long as we paid for our beers and bought two burgers?  You SAID you was gonna meet us there and you didn't, but whatever, I'm just sayin that we ordered a lot of beers so we got A LOT  of shots.  And I know that you don't know Showcase that well but YOU KNOW from them couple of times you been out with Showcase that she CANNOT DO shots.  You was with us the night she did shots of all the colors of the rainbow and then she threw up a rainbow on my new sneakers and she STILL ain't paid me for them sneakers she puked on.  But that aint even what I'm talkin about.  I'm just sayin that NEXT YEAR I ain't hangin out with Showcase if she do shots.  Cause she was all drunk, and after the bartender give last call, Showcase invite everyone back to her boyfriends place for a afterparty!!!  And everyone was all into it and yellin "party" and "Woo Woo"  and takin cabs to Showcases boyfriends place and then we get there we find out that that Showcase AIN'T EVEN ALLOWED INTO her boyfriends apartment building cause the security guard dude in the lobby banned her for life because, of course, one night Showcase was with Tina and Tina called the security guard a faggot cause he wouldnt let her smoke in the lobby. Tina need to lay off the faggot thing the same way her momma need to lay off the Jesus.  So we had to sneak into the dudes apartment through a window right off the street while Tina kept look out.  I don't think I like Showcases  boyfriend either cause when Showcase was in the bathroom throwin up, I KNOW I seen him take the bag of catnip and pack some of it in his bowl!   He looked at ME and said like "this is great weed" but I SEEN a cartoon picture of a Siamese Cat on the bag.  If dude don't wanna share his weed he should just NOT share instead of packin a bowl full of shit that just gonna make Showcase puke some more. They shady.

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